Adding Students to your Account

After you complete the Registration page, click “Add Student to your Account”.

Add the students Student Identification number (please contact your district to obtain this number)

Enter student’s last name as registered in school

Enter the School student attends

Select “Add Student”

Repeat this for each student attending this school district.  Each name will appear in the list at the bottom of the window.  You can remove students at any time.

Once all students have been entered, click “Begin Planning Your Meal” to proceed.
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All data, including nutritional values, pricing and dietary mode recommendations, have been provided by the school district as is. Nutri-Link Technologies, Inc does not (a) make any warranty,

express or implied, with respect to the use of the information provided hereby;

nor (b) guarantee the accuracy, completeness, usefulness, or adequacy of any resources, information, system, product, or process available - at or through Nutri-Link Technologies, Inc.

Meals shown may vary depending on availability, season, and demand.